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More about Executive Functions...

Executive functions, in simple terms, refer to the brain’s ability to control communication between various areas of the brain.

They manage how we organize, plan, adjust, get started and carry out tasks in life.  These skills affect outcomes for all of us, and are a bigger factor in success and achievement than intelligence.

We use these skills to direct actions towards a goal.  Once we define the goal, we can figure out HOW to get there.  Executive function skills help us to do this so we can complete tasks and find success; this applies across all areas of life including academic, athletic, and social-emotional.

About Us

Nearly 20 years ago, as I sat in a bookstore tutoring in biology and math, I watched student after student struggle with their grades and, in turn, lose confidence. So often, I heard “I’m just not good at math,” “I’m not smart enough,” “I’ll never understand science,” or “I studied for hours, but still got a bad grade.” In my high school classroom, I began to understand that emphasizing the PROCESSES and spending time teaching HOW to plan effectively translated into better grades and more confidence, almost immediately. 

 It wasn’t that the students didn’t understand the content, it was that they didn’t know how to study, learn, or plan. So many students had trouble self-regulating and problem-solving around obstacles. I knew there had to be a better way for students to feel successful and learn skills that would generalize to all subjects and really impact their ability to feel successful as a student (and person). So, I set out to help address those aspects and support students in effectively demonstrating their abilities.