3 Steps to Less Stress and More Success


Tired of the “what do you have for homework tonight” battle?

Are the last minute scrambles to finish work, stressing about tests or forgotten assignments getting old?

No worries. Your answer is here. Find an EFFECTIVE planner (not one with just one box per day to “write down” homework assignments) and you will reap the benefits!

3 Steps to LESS STRESS and better grades…

1 – Find an effective planner.
Students thrive most with a week view, Monday through Friday (left to right, as time flows) and morning through night (top down) approach – as it is most logical. A one day plan is too zoomed in for most, and a monthly is not specific enough – not that we don’t have our uses for those (stay tuned to future blogs).

Our number one most common piece of feedback from students “When I use my planner consistently, my grades are better. When I don’t, the grades come down. It’s hard to take the extra few minutes, but it’s worth it.” Set reminders or alerts in your phone to help you prioritize.

2 – USE your planner efficiently.

Key factors in planner use:

  • Due dates/deadlines ON the day they are due (then break down into mini deadlines and to-do items)
  • Be SPECIFIC – instead of “study”, write out each exact step in days prior (make own study guide, search extra images, complete review packet, make flashcards, quiz self, re-do review packet, etc.) BONUS! This helps reduce procrastination because it makes each piece seem more manageable instead of something large and vague to avoid (“write paper” or “study”) – think of how these phrases makes you feel!
  • Build in “cushion time” – aim for getting long term tasks done a couple of days early, so if something comes up, pushing it back one day won’t be a big deal.
    Include non-academic and fun activities in your planner to see the big picture and plan ahead (plus get motivated)
  • Estimate times (this can take practice) for how long each will take, then write out a quick plan for how everything will get done that evening or day – working around set appointments or activities.
  • Take a minute to update the planner with what did or did not get done to be sure it is still accounted for- we get it, life can be busy!

3 – Make planner use a daily thing.

Last, but NOT least, PRIORITIZE your planning as part of a daily routine. Taking 10 minutes to update the planner and map out the night can save hours of work and loads of stress! Be sure you know where to look for all of the relevant information – many teachers use multiple ways of sharing assignments (online sites, board at school, verbal instructions… find a friend or student you can check with to be sure you didn’t miss anything).

Check out our full 10 step plan to school success. Our tools and tips will keep your student on track with less stress and frustration!

Search online for a planner that includes each of the features above or check out our student planner here: https://www.solutionsforstudentsuccess.com/product-page/student-planner.

Happy Planning!

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