Apple Watch for Executive Functioning?

We think YES!

So, I did it… I jumped on the bandwagon. As much as I DID want to run out and purchase my very own Apple Watch the moment they were announced, I refrained (they are not inexpensive). However, shortly after their release, and much to my delight, I received Apple Watch as a Mother’s Day gift, and what a gift it was!

Just a mere 10 days ago, my precious package arrived.

In the short time I have spent with my trusty new sidekick, I have come to realize the features which fabulously aide in managing executive function deficits and will share those with you here. While I do not suggest you run out and drop nearly $400 (minimum) to grab one of these, it may be worth keeping on your radar.

FIVE simple ways to use Apple Watch to support Executive Functioning:

Stay on task and focused – Use Siri to create (or manually set) timers which VIBRATE on your wrist to alert you to either wrap up what you are doing, get started on the next task, check to see that you are on task and focused (or that you are zoning out and need to refocus), and more!

Time Management – Receive your calendar alerts and events right on your wrist! The watch will vibrate and alert you of scheduled events at your preset times. How often do you leave your phone on a table, in another room or buried in a coat pocket or purse? The calendar alert feature on the phone is fantastic, but if the phone isn’t with you or is on silent, it does no good. With the watch, you can mute the tone but still receive haptic (Apple, Inc. terminology) vibrating alerts.

Pay from your wrist – While this may seem unnecessary for some, and requires the store to be enabled to accept this form of payment, it is a fantastic option for those who forget their wallets or often find it difficult to dig them out of a pocket, backpack or purse. Simply double tap the side button and your Apple Pay card comes up. Wave it at the register and, like magic, your purchase is made. This is particularly helpful if you are out running or walking (a great way to improve attention and focus) and do not want to carry a phone or wallet!

Truly SEE your time – With multiple home screen options, the watch allows you to customize the information you want to see each time you raise your wrist. I find the modular format to be of great help. The setting allowing you to see your next calendar event next to the current time helps keep you manage your time and not miss out on or arrive late to important events. You can also view (and click to access) your activity level, battery power, current weather and more straight from your home screen!

Don’t miss notifications – Conveniently and (somewhat discretely) receive texts, emails and phone calls. Your watch alerts you of these, and when you raise your wrist, it automatically opens the message or allows you to answer the call (and respond to messages). Directly from your wrist. Again, fantastic for those who tend to not want to be attached to their phones at home or at the office or find it buried from time to time.

** CAUTION– The watch certainly has its drawbacks (short battery life and potential to be a constant distraction). If used with this in mind, it has the potential to be of great support to its users.

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