Catch Yourself.

A quick note when applying our tools and strategies: they will not be of help if you do not look at or apply them. This has been a theme in several sessions recently. A critical piece in developing skills lies not only in coaching students through assignments, tasks and challenges, but also in teaching them to identify WHEN to apply what they have learned and when they are at a point where they need to call on and apply their go-to strategies. I often refer to it as “catching yourself.” It may be catching themselves zoning out, hitting a wall, falling into old habits, using negative self-talk, forgetting to slow down and pay attention to detail…no matter what the obstacle, if students are not self-aware or do not learn to identify when they are experiencing difficulty, they will continue to struggle. It is imperative they learn to IDENTIFY, ASSESS, and APPLY (strategies or approaches). Recognition is key.

A fan favorite among our students is our “If-Then” tool.  We talk in detail about this tool in our online courses and included it in this year’s student planners! Be sure to check those out and take action today!

Facebook Live chats on various topics related to self management and regulation:
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