Curriculum Vitae


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL; Bachelor of Science in Animal Science – Management; 1998

National-Louis University, Wheeling, IL; Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education; 2002

Relevant Coursework

JST Coaching and Training; Coaching Teens and College Students, 2014-15

Rush Neurobehavioral Center, Executive Function Training Workshop Participant, 2012

Franklin-Covey Time Management Training Workshop, 2000


A Professional’s Guide to EF Skills Development; 2018

A Manual for Student Success: Practical strategies for how to REALLY do better in school; 2011, rev. 2013, rev. 2018

Student Planners; 3 executive functioning based layouts; 2010; rev. 2018

EFfective Writing Success Plan; 2015

Quiz and Test Success Plan; 2015

School Success Plan; 2015


Board Memberships and Advisory Roles

  • Advisory Board Member, grit2 (Growing Resiliency in Teens Together); January 2019 – present 
  • Board Member, Pediatric Specialists Network;  2017 – present
  • School Board Member, St Joseph School; 3 year term 2011-14

School and District Trainings

  • Hinsdale Central High School
  • Stagg High School
  • Notre Dame College Prep
  • Beloit College
  • Highland School
  • D101 LaGrange
  • D102 Lagrange
  • St Mary of Gostyn
  • Crystal Lake School District 155
  • Acacia academy
  • Central Stickney School District 110

PTAs and Parent Group Presentations

  • District 58-Downers Grove

  • District 181-Clarendon Hills/Hinsdale

  • Old St Pat’s Parent Network

  • Raise 102 Parent Group-LaGrange…

  • Pierce Downer School-Downers Grove

  • grit2

Conference Speaking Engagements

  • Connections Conference 2016
  • Dupage County High School Counselor Institute Conference 2016

  • AET National Conference (Exhibitor)

  • ICA (Illinois Counseling Association)

  • ISCA (IL School Counseling Association)

  • Connections Conference 2017

  • Dupage County High School Counselor Institute Conference 2018

Previous Presentation and Training Topics

  • Executive Function Skills Development: Best Practices
  • An overview of Executive Function Skills, Deficiencies and Interventions
  • Supporting Students as They Learn to Persevere and Become Independent
  • Principles of Attention, Focus and Self Regulation: An Executive Functions Skills Based Approach
  • Principles of Task Analysis, Initiation and Execution: An Executive Function Skills Based Approach
  • Principles of Organization, Time Management and Planning: An Executive Function Skills Based Approach
  • Let’s Talk About Processing: What Does it Mean, Anyway?
  • Effective Executive Functioning Skills and Strategies for Practical Use Within the Classroom Setting
  • Roles, Responsibilities and the Most Effective Strategies for Helping the Struggling Student to Succeed
  • Your Role as a Middle School Parent: How and How Much to Help
  • Understanding and Addressing Student Challenges
  • Strategies for a Successful Homework Process
  • Student Motivation
  • Planning and the Homework Process
  • High School 101
  • Mastering Middle School
  • Elementary School With Ease
  • Principles of Study Skills and Strategies