Expectations: Get on the Same Page as Your Children This Year

It doesn’t matter if your kids are entering 3rd grade or sophomore year of college.

Take a few minutes TODAY to get on the same page and set them up for meeting both your and their expectations for this year, and for doing it well!

Grab a sheet of paper.
Jot down your goals; ask about theirs. Think about what these mean and how important they are – are they worth fighting for? (or avoiding the fighting for!)

Make notes and group into 2 or 3 main goals for the year.

Talk about what reaching each goal ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE to you and to them – in other words, how will they SHOW you?

What do they need in order to be successful – from you and to do for themselves? What might get in the way? HOW can that be addressed that should it happen?

Talk about and create any necessary routines, checklists or reminders.

Do they need rewards or consequences? How will they make sure to follow through and be consistent?

Don’t hesitate to hold them accountable or to let them falter a bit so they have the opportunity to become independent and take ownership. Most of us crave boundaries and structures – whether we’d like to admit it or not.

Be sure the plans and ideas are functional – the last thing any parent needs these days is more stress about keeping track of too many checklists or charts.

We have great ideas and examples to help decide what strategies to use and HOW to make these things happen. Many of the tools we use and find success with in helping students manage these areas can be found in our School Success Plan and complete Manual for Student Success – Practical strategies for how to REALLY do better in school.

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We will be frequently posting videos and interviews with practical and easy to implement ideas and strategies, so be sure to visit often!

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