Here is EXACTLY What to do to Help Students Finish the School Year Strong

For the procrastinators, and their close-to-losing-hope parents, don’t despair! There is still time to plan for boosting grades last minute and doing well on finals! Here are some tips to help your high school child take action, refocus and finish strong.

(We’re sharing some fabulous big picture tips here, but be sure to check out our FREE Q & A on our Facebook page on April 23rd at 8pm CST for step-by-step and specific guidance as you personalize and create plans for successfully navigating the best end-of-year yet!)

1. Do a grade analysis for each subject. Then make quick and easy plans to improve or maintain the grade. This helps keep expectations realistic. Don’t forget to create an exam grade calculator early on (April!) to keep things concrete and stay focused.

2. Use your teachers. It’s not too late to try to earn the most points possible, make up late work, or re-take/re-do. All you have to do is ask.

3. Plan! Make a plan that is concrete and specific. List what you need to do. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed.

4. Find motivation and self-management strategies. Step back and take a few minutes to reflect on what gets you derailed, as well as what motivates you. Promise yourself a reward. See our post outlining what makes rewards most effective.

5. Implement new study strategies. Once you have reviewed a section of the subject matter, DO something with the information you review. Some effective ideas that help with retention and deeper understanding include making a table, adding notes to diagrams or drawing a flowchart connecting ideas.

Finally, apply the above information to do your best, but remember there is always next time, and preparation is key!

To prevent the last-minute panic next year, explore our Finish Strong online curriculum that covers yearlong and short term strategies to help get the most from your preparation. It’s a great value for lifetime access to life skills that will set your student up for success.

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