For Parents and Adults


EF 101 - More about executive functioning

  • Executive functions control how we manage all aspects of daily life
  • Visit our EF 101 page to learn more about the core areas of executive functioning
  • Be sure to review our examples to identify how these challenges might present themselves

1:1 Parent/Adult Coaching

  • We know it’s hard! When do you push? When do you step back? How to help?
  • Find the best ways to support your student or yourself as they/you develop these key skills for school and life.
  • We work with parents and adults to help create plans that really work (and are easy to implement). 


1:1 Student Coaching

  • Need a little more personal guidance along the way
  • Consultations and individual one on one coaching is available for students in our Westmont, IL location or via phone/video call remotely.
  • Get direct support in finding the most effective and efficient tools and strategies to develop skills in the most important areas.



  • Looking for tools your student can use to develop these essential executive functioning skills NOW?
  • Products are available as paper copies or choose a downloadable pdf
  • All of our materials are designed to help guide students not only learn the skills, but become independent and more confident as well
  • Each tool includes instructions, tips and easy to follow student examples 

Online Courses

  • EXCITING NEWS! We now offer online courses for students, parents and professionals! 
  • All courses include downloadable pdf’s of the relevant workbooks/materials (see products)
  • Watch and work at your own pace
  • We walk you through it – step by step so you’ll know how and what to do as you customize your own plans

Other Resources

  • Upcoming events 
  • Great websites and articles (coming soon!)
  • Helpful organization tools (link to page w/ product links – coming soon)
  • Take our informal EF Assessment now to make note of top areas of priority and help you select resources