FREE Webinars and Why They Matter + Most Common Comments

We have a LOT on the docket for 2020. 

First, some of our most frequent comments from clients…

“I wish I had known about this sooner – everyone needs this!”

“I had you on my list” or “I kept meaning to reach out”

“I wish I had started sooner” or “I am kicking myself for waiting and not prioritizing this” or “I feel like I did a disservice by waiting”

NO. I’m not trying to make you feel badly if any of these apply… I make these same lists and comments myself and have the same regrets as everyone else.

I only share because we hear this ALL the time, and  I’d love to provide some information and really fantastic opportunities to get (and stay) ahead of the game. No matter what age your student is (or you are).

Most everyone can benefit in some way, shape, or form.

We hope you can enjoy and take advantage!

See below for great information, free tips and tools, and awesome webinars, workshops, and materials.  

Here are some links!  Feel free to pass along. 

New offerings and opportunities to learn and grow!

Where to find awesome info, articles, downloads and more: 

  1. Recent Blogs
  2. Recent Newsletters –

(Be sure you receive these! Sign up at www.solutionsforstudentsuccess.com – and be sure we don’t end up in junk or spam):

  1. Fantastic planners, success plans, and student guides (paper or pdf) to help create and customize your success plans and build skills
  2. Recent Videos  – We share thoughts, tips, and descriptions of exactly what we’ll do in coaching and groups, etc. Check them out! 
  3. Social media posts and tips (We’d love a follow, comment, and share or shout out on group pages or your own!)… links below:







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