Help our (very) small business. We need you.

If you have ever worked with us in any capacity, or have benefited from our materials, information, or speaking and training engagements – OR you have simply heard about the great work we do – WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

(Nope. It doesn’t cost anything 😉  Please read on…)

Unfortunately, when the world turned upside down in March, so did our business.  We’ve been providing game (and life) changing services and materials for students, parents and professionals for nearly 20 years, and it all came to a screeching halt in March.  Suddenly, grades didn’t matter, life was up for grabs, and we were all just holding on, trying to get through the days…hoping for the best.

Translation = complete pause in business for small companies like ours…yet the expenses, rent and overhead remained the same 🙁

We’re excited because we know what it takes and that these are the skills that matter now more than ever before. Navigating difficult times requires skill and strategy – and that’s what we do best.  Yet, in an age of information overload and email filters, it can be difficult to spread the word.

Here’s how you can help (and we’d be forever grateful):

  • Take a moment to read our blogs and emails (be sure they aren’t in junk and that you’re on our list-sign up below), watch our videos, and view our posts
  • Post on our behalf in a group – neighborhood, school or parent groups, anywhere there are people who might benefit
  • Email or text groups of friends and parents sharing about our work
  • Add a heartfelt note or example of something you’ve gained or learned – or how our work has impacted your life or your child’s life; even shoot us a quick email or text with thoughts that we can share on our platforms, and we’ll take care of it!
  • Not only like and follow us, but we’d love for you to SHARE our posts and add comments or thoughts
  • Talk us up! Help us generate a buzz and teach our kids the independence, effectiveness/EF skills, ownership and accountability they will need now and forever

We really do need your help.

So many of us want change (and quick fixes- sad to say, there really aren’t any), but we get wrapped up in life and don’t follow through with sometimes the simplest steps in the right direction (guilty!).

For quick access, here are some of the many posts, links, videos, notes, etc. we have been and will be sharing to continue to reach out and find unique and practical ways to solve problems and build skills.

I’d be honored if you would check them out and share, post, comment on any and all that resonate for you.


NEW virtual student groups for accountability and skill building – info here:

Virtual coaching groups – description, content, our goal and why care… see slides

Info on registration – Google Doc



Social media posts and tips (see links above and below in header/footer)

Recent Newsletters (be sure you receive these – check junk or sign up below):

Anxious about the school year?

Blame and Excuses – plus registration info for student groups!

Fantastic planners, success plans, and materials (paper or pdf) to help create and customize your success


Regardless, we ARE in this together, and we’re here to help.

Stay safe and healthy, and THANK YOU for your time and support.

All the Best,

Lisa (& team)


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