Our Story

Sixteen years ago, as I sat tutoring in biology and math, I watched student after student struggle with their grades and, in turn, lose confidence. So often, I heard “I’m just not good at math,” “I’m not smart enough,” “I’ll never understand science,” or “I studied for hours, but still got a bad grade.” In my high school classroom, I began to understand that emphasizing the PROCESSES and spending time teaching HOW to plan effectively translated into better grades, almost immediately. 

It wasn’t that the students didn’t understand the content, it was that they didn’t know how to study, learn, or plan. So many students had trouble self-regulating and problem-solving around obstacles. I knew there had to be a better way for students to feel successful and learn skills that would generalize to all subjects and really impact their ability to feel successful as a student (and person). So, I set out to help address those aspects and support students in effectively demonstrating their abilities.

A large focus during teaching and tutoring became developing simple, visual, concrete structures and processes for students to follow which guided them through actually planning and learning in effective ways. The results were remarkable. Given the proper tools across the various areas of executive functioning, grades that were Cs and Ds became As and Bs. Parents were thrilled, students felt confident, and most importantly, the skills actually stuck! 

I heard over and over again that THESE were the missing pieces, that using our products and learning these skills was life-changing, and we were constantly told people wished they had found us sooner. Over the years, I created more tools and structures to help students of all levels figure out how to customize solutions and be more efficient and effective in their work. Through research and continuing education in the area of executive functioning, I created trainings and workshops to guide parents, coaches, educators and professionals as they supported students in developing these skills.  

These materials are for any student, parent or professional working with students who have executive function skills deficits. And in reality, many of our products are great for any student, whether they have demonstrated challenges or not. Each product supports the development of solid executive function skills at a very specific level and fills in the gaps missed by many products. Each piece is designed to be highly customizable, easily modified, and to teach skills that will provide the foundation for success for years to come.

The goal of this site is to provide accessible tools that address many of the missing pieces and hone in on a level of detail that is often overlooked. The smallest tweaks and obstacles can have the greatest impact. We help find and address exactly where those areas lie and figure out what to do about it. 

Through the use of our blank templates, step by step instructions, student examples, video tutorials, and courses, you will learn exactly how to address the needs of any student you are working with. Our easy to follow, step-by-step processes allow SLPs, counselors and EF coaches to build their skill set in this area and grow this aspect of their practice. 

We’ve set out to share our powerful tools with the world… it doesn’t have to be this hard! We can make it easier. 

Fun Facts From Lisa


“I wanted to take a minute to tell you a little about myself…the ADHD and wildly creative gal behind Solutions for Student Success. My name is Lisa, and I am a pizza fanatic; I literally could eat it every day of my life (truth be told I don’t because I am on a massively restricted diet due to an autoimmune condition, but I do splurge on a Lou Malnati’s every once in a blue moon – totally worth it). I do NOT love following traditional rules or being told what to do, which is probably why I have enjoyed working in positions where I can create and develop, as well as why I relate so well to my clients. I DO love problem solving, digging down to find root causes or explanations, and finding alternate solutions and simple, practical, different ways of doing things.I am here because I believe strongly in the products and programs I’ve created and have been using in my practice for years. I’ve watched as my clients’ lives have changed for the better and, most importantly, they begin to feel successful and actually believe in themselves. This is what motivates me to keep on truckin’, and now I am working to share all of these fabulous resources with the world.