Parent 1:1 Coaching

Coaching Services and Paperwork


  1. Review our service descriptions and fees for EF coaching below.


  1. Set up your initial consultation appointment (paperwork linked below):

The fee for this session is $225, and plan on around 1.25 hours (parent(s) and student both attend).

All sessions are held at our offices located at 825 N Cass Avenue, Suite 311 in Westmont, IL.


If you decide on a coaching package after our initial consult, the options/fees are detailed below. Coaching sessions are conducted 1:1 with student and coach (or parent and coach for parent consultation packages).


  1. Complete and bring along the client forms here: Parent and Student Forms

 Please select age appropriate documents and bring along the completed forms on the day of our meeting, or feel free to scan them over to us in advance (  Please email us with any questions.



1. Determine student needs and areas of focus/priority:

  • Executive function skills development

    • Organization, planning and time management

    • Breaking down and prioritizing projects and tasks (goal oriented)

    • Setting up structures, routines and processes for succeeding

    • Efficient study skills and strategies for managing workload and schedule

    • Self awareness and self management

  • Attention and focus

  • Learning how to become more efficient and successful

  • Communication, self advocacy and asking for help

  • Independence and ownership

  • Study skills and strategies

  • Self management/regulation – including better planning and time and task management

  • Improved confidence

  • Improving grades, quiz/test performance, writing skills



2. Schedule Initial Consultation/Intake Appt (NEW CLIENTS ONLY)

  • Intake appointments/consultations are approximately 1-1.25 hours in length

  • Parent(s) and student attend together to review history and lay out plans     


Intake Appointment Fee………… $225


3. Select Service Package  (see fees and complete list of what coaching plans include below):


Coaching for Students in Grades 6 through college/young adult


9 Hour Service Package………..$1250 ($1280 if paid by credit card)

  • Ideal for motivated students looking to meet consistently and develop and maintain efficient and effective strategies

  • NINE total hours  of 1:1 coaching + materials and quick check-ins


** Additional parent or student consultation appointments ….….. $150/hour


4. Current Payment Options for Consult and Coaching Packages:


**We now accept Chase QuickPay and Zelle in addition to checks!


Payments can be made to via Zelle/QuickPay

or Solutions for Student Success via check.


Packages paid by credit card are $1280. Packages paid by $1250

ALL Coaching Plans Include the Following:

Kickoff Session (45-60 min)

  • Set realistic goals

  • Lay out plans and priorities

Coaching Sessions  (30-60 min sessions)

  • Structured progress review

  • Brainstorming and coaching discussions; create/modify plans

  • Goals for next session

Parent Check Point Session and a Student Wrap Up Session as needed (30 min each)

  • Progress and plans review

  • Re-group and determine next steps

Quick Periodic Check-Ins

  • Electronic or in person – choose an area of focus, complete a self-check, and check in quickly (10 min or less) with coach in between 1:1 sessions

Materials and Customizable Support Tools

In addition to coaching, the following Solutions for Student Success tools and materials are INCLUDED as needed:

  • School Success Plan Workbook

  • Quiz and Test Success Plan Workbook

  • EFfective Writing Success Plan Workbook

  • 2017-18 Student Planner

  • Planning Posters + Additional Tools and Templates from our Manual for Student Success

Contact us at for more information.