Should: One DANGEROUS Term

It might not sound shocking at first, but here goes… one of the MOST DANGEROUS terms in the English language is…drumroll please…

Think about it for a moment.
I should sign up for that class.
I should work out more.
You should do your homework.
We shouldn’t have spent so much.
You shouldn’t play as many video games.
I should be here to help Johnny with his homework.
You should spend more time practicing.

Alas… What to do? What to do?

To start, we can stop beating ourselves up. Try to notice it. Remember there is only so much we can control.

Then, replace it perhaps…

I will sign up for that class.
I work out enough.
I will walk more.
Can I help you figure out a plan for your homework?
We spent a lot. It sure was fun. Next time, we will take a free day trip.
Before anyone gets video game controllers, I need to see your rooms clean and one hour of outdoor time.
My work schedule is hectic. I will rearrange it or find a neighbor to help Johnny when I can not be home.
In order to keep taking lessons, I need to see 10 minutes of practice each day.

It’s worth a shot. Not all of these examples may be relevant, but hoping they provide some helpful awareness and a positive spin.

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