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Looking for creative solutions and a comprehensive approach to supporting the development of EF skills and Student Independence?

Executive Function Skills Development:

The Key to Promoting Student Independence and Success through High School and Beyond




  • There is an increasing trend in concern for students becoming independent, managing stress/anxiety and developing lasting executive functioning skills for managing successfully in life after HS

  • These EF skills build confidence and decrease anxiety, and we frequently see stress and anxiety levels decrease significantly as skills develop



  • Want to help and for their kids to learn the skills, but are not sure how or how much

  • Are looking for direction, support and accountability along the way (often there are mixed messages about how to help)

  • Express the desire for their children to manage on their own and be confident and successful



  • Often do not have or use the tools (even if skills have been taught, students forget or have not personalized and made meaningful enough to consistently implement)

  • Do best when trained in practical and realistic (customized) strategies and have accountability measures

  • Desire independence, ownership and skills to be successful long term, but not sure how



  • Express not having a full understanding of executive functioning and skills development strategies

  • Observe challenges, but often look for direction on most efficient/effective ways to address

  • By nature of the classroom structure, do not have the time to individualize solutions or train skills

  • Want and need simple tools and solutions which can be easily integrated within their work







We have the opportunity to effectively develop the executive functioning skills truly needed to empower students to independently manage, decrease stress, and learn to problem solve;

these EF skills are the missing pieces.


  • Executive functioning is not only about organization, planning and time management; it is about the process, actions directed towards a goal, problem solving, perseverance and self regulation to become independent and successful

  • The goal is to build lasting skills through training and developing effective habits and processes

  • Students need to learn how to develop plans and processes, then figure out when and how to use them

  • Key component is parent-student-school working together to build consistency – knowing roles and emphasizing training (in addition to establishing accountability measures)






  • Professional consulting and program development

  • Staff development trainings

  • Parent trainings

  • Student trainings (workshops, development of materials and plans, online courses) and creation of student programs through consulting services






Professional services offered at a rate of $150 per hour for consulting, preparation and presentation time

(exclusive of travel or materials costs: student manuals, planners, success planning posters, etc.)


  • Example rates:

    • 1 – 1.5 hour talk – ranging $450-700

    • Half day institute training – typical range $1000-1300

    • Full day institute training – typical range $1500-1700


  • Proposals available for specific consulting work on a project basis

    • Largely depends on goals and scope of project

    • Anticipated minimum for consulting services 8-10 hours



At Solutions for Student Success, we…

  • See and offer a unique perspective  – we serve as a front line for helping families identify root causes and possible solutions; they come to us with concerns, and we assess and problem solve then assign roles and train the relevant skills (and/or point them in the direction of additional resources)

  • Have a history of working with and facilitating between all parties – school teams, professionals, students, parents – and fostering independence and ownership in realistic and practical ways

  • Take what can be perceived as challenge or negative and shift to a solutions-based approach: what CAN we do? And HOW?


  • Do not offer a set curriculum, but rather provide support, trainings and materials that incorporate concrete tools and strategies which are easy to integrate into current life/plans/structures

  • Focus on outcomes and goals (whether it be independence, “getting parents off of backs”, decreasing stress/anxiety, improving grades, learning to self-manage, or simply basic strategies for organizing, planning and managing time) and how to get there