Summer Skills…to Teach or Not to Teach

As a parent, I’ve never been one who is good about academic work over the summer. Perhaps it’s that I have the best intentions but get caught up in the chaos of summer schedules, or perhaps it’s my own difficulty with follow through and consistency (we all have our challenges). So, if this is you, don’t beat yourself up!

Believe it or not, there are simple ways to help students build EF skills and stay fresh over the summer.

We discuss two of our top suggestions here….

  1. Work EF skill building into your day to day. Many of the key planning, organization and communication skills needed for school are also needed for daily life tasks. Practice these often! Try having students plan a meal or activity. By this, we mean truly plan from beginning (breaking down the basic steps, then breaking them down further – see our FREE “Break It Down” tool to help guide you). Then, have them map out a plan laying out all of the steps and when they will occur. They can communicate their needs and with others involved, and check off tasks as they go! In the end, they reap the benefits not only of a fun activity or delicious treat, but also learn skills and develop processes which can easily be transferred over to school work come fall.
  2. Start conversations now (jot down a few notes) about what went well (or didn’t) last year, and discuss goals for the upcoming year. These can be phrased however students would like: “better grades”, “less stress”, or simply “get my parents off my back”. Take time to ask “what will that take?” and continue to ask “and what will that take?” until specific action steps are determined. It is often helpful to prepare for a variety of scenarios and brainstorm BEFORE the year begins about ideas for successful ways to manage all areas of school and life. Talk about how to organize and plan, and try creating study plans, if-then’s and more to be fully ready for a most successful year. For these and more great tools, check out our School Success Plan, Student Planners and online coaching courses. We walk you through step by step how to get a jump start on the year – starting now!

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