Best Tools to Self Motivate and Get Refocused!

So, here we are again….that time of year where the weeks drag on, we fall into old habits or get complacent…we long for warmer weather and spring or summer break.  All of a sudden – OOPS! Motivation has diminished, grades and effort have slipped, and we’ve lost sight of just how much every little choice we make on a daily basis can influence outcomes.


In keeping with my mission to GIVE and SHARE, for a limited time I am giving access to download our entire (and super impactful) School Success Plan for FREE!   This manual is a $25 value and power packed with our unique, practical and comprehensive 10 step process for student success.   Be sure to do so by THURSDAY, MARCH 19th at noon! 

You can check out the video describing just how it works on our product page: https://solutionsforstudentsuccess.com/product/school-success-plan/

CLICK HERE to download our School Success Plan AND our If-Then tool to stay prepared!

So, we’re actually sharing TWO freebies this Friday- woohoo!  🙂

Let us know if you have any questions!

In these times of uncertainty, use these tools to stay prepared and focused – be sure to check out the Grade Analysis, Call Yourself Out and If-Thens – plus, our Class and Study Plans should help manage ever-changing learning scenarios.  Update and adjust on a class by class basis.

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