Why I No Longer Call my Life’s Work by its Name

Well.  I won’t beat around the bush, so to speak. Truthfully… it was very confusing.

While executive functioning and executive function skills are well known to many of us in the neurodiversity, neuroscience, education, and ADHD worlds, even to many of us here, the term was unknown or misunderstood.  Add to that the association we all have with the term “executive,” and people become REALLY confused.

“So, you’re an executive coach?”  Nope.

“You work with executives?”    Nope.

“You do WHAT?!”   Hoo! That’s a loaded question.

The fact is, our executive functions are controlled by the forefront of the brain, the prefrontal cerebral cortex, and these control the MANY ways our brain works to help us organize, self regulate, and function.  Truly, they are responsible for our success and ability to show up and be EFFECTIVE as individuals – in all that we do.

So, after nearly 20 years in the field of neurodiversity with a specific and unique approach to executive function skills development, I decided to revamp the entire model to more clearly express what this is all about – AND have renamed these our “INDIVIDUAL EFFECTIVENESS SKILLS.”  I think this better describes and communicates why our executive functions are SO critically important.

Understanding and developing these skills, as well as targeting the roots of what we are experiencing with specific strategies, are THE key to resolving a significant number of challenges and helping us to become more effective, productive, confident, and successful.

Please take a moment to review our graphic below, which lays out these individual effectiveness skills into the core functions we ALL need in order to be successful:

  • Think
  • Activate (get ready to DO)
  • DO
  • Adjust

Now, the trick is a) to learn more about each (check out what each encompasses on the graphic!)  and b) determine which of these are REALLY influencing or impacting our ability to be successful and figure out HOW and WHAT we can do to account for, build skills, or accommodate.  Bingo! That’s it!  And, this is precisely why I am so passionate about this work. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Sometimes, things are not as they seem, and it’s up to us to figure out what’s really going on so we can push forward, capitalize on strengths and talents, and overcome obstacles.

The beauty is, when we do, we see the most remarkable results.  Hopefully you’ll join us on this journey!



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