You still have a lot of control, and you get to choose

I understand.

There are a boatload of unknowns, strong opinions, and emotions about the state of what not only the world, but also what school and learning might look like this year.

As I sat at baseball games this week (thankful for that) and observed while my family managed day to day and life stresses, I observed something I have noted before… any one person in the family has control over how they show up, the energy they bring to the table, and how they interact with others.

It sets the tone, and we get to choose.

YOU get to choose how you show up, what you say, and what you project.  Our kids are learning not only from what we say, but how we say it, what we do, and how we help them to understand, discuss, learn, and cope (full disclosure epic fails on my part this week here, but I need to remember that every day, ever hour, every minute, I can choose to start over and try again).

Most of us haven’t lived through military drafts or wars, or experienced extreme hardships, abuse, discrimination, or poverty. Most of us haven’t lost a child or dealt with a debilitating disease or terminal illness, but we all have had, and do have, challenges and our own battles to fight.   

Whatever your cause. Fight on, but remember, at the end of the day – however it ends up – you at least still have a fair amount of control.  You get to choose how you handle it, how you respond, and how you decide to manage, learn, and grow – and teach your children to do the same.

This is a reminder to myself more than anything else to keep the long view and perspective. I know – easier said than done, but I have to believe if I just keep trying and remembering the above, that I will I have some control over how I and my family manage through difficult times- no matter what those might be.

I have chosen my fight, and it is to charge forward in channeling my passion and experience into helping support students in managing learning and themselves- regardless of the environment (focused on learning to learn,  self regulation, communication with teachers, motivation, dealing with obstacles, study skills, organization, planning, time management, and effort).

This is what I was built for, but I needed the reminders above before all else.

I have much to share and a lot to give, and I’d be honored if you would share – post – follow – retweet – shout from the rooftops- whatever suits your fancy, to help me get the word out about the best ways to support our students as they learn to manage and navigate in an ever changing world. While we work to figure out how school looks, I don’t want to lose sight of helping them learn how to manage and what will work best for them so they can realize success.

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ALL the best to you and your families.

Stay safe and healthy,


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